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Bringing people together for a message
and sending them home with an emotion.

    (abbrev) professional conference organiser
    A company which specialises in the organisation
    and management of congresses, conferences,
    seminars and similar events.

    Most of the time a conference isn’t just ‘a conference’, it is one big event that can be divided into multiple subevents. Each of these subevents with it’s own unique characteristics, but nevertheless part of a bigger whole that needs to look and feel as one, matching the values of the client, yet teasing all of the visitors time after time, day after day.

    Increase your level of creativity

    We don’t do plain buffets with metal chafing dishes. We put them in refurbished fruit baskets, decorate our food bars like a piece of art and make sure that the food looks as good as it tastes. After all: a happy stomach is a happy person. So if we can do this with just food, think of what we could do with the rest of your conference.

    Increase your level of satisfaction

    It’s hard to do good for everybody all the time. But wouldn’t it feel great to get an average satisfaction scoring in the high 90s after all of your hard work planning for this important conference? It’s the simplest things that can help your conference achieve satisfied guests. And we sure know where to start.

    more happy faces
    faster registration

    Increase your level of efficiency

    You know how it goes, long queues at the registration booth, foreign visitors with names that are sometimes hard to look up in a list of hundreds if not thousands of guests. We’ll come up with a fun and – most importantly – efficient way to get everybody inside in no time. People might even think they are lining up for a amazing music festival, setting the right atmosfere right from the start.

    less questions

    Increase your level of simplicity

    Signalisation is by far the most important way to keep the amount of questions asked down. We won’t hesitate to order that extra beach flag of big sign, indicating the most important areas of your conference. Or even print it in a 3D floor map. Or create an app. Or add touch screens. Or record the most important announcements in advance. And yes, we still have a clearly marked information desk.

    Increase your level of engagement

    People who attend a conference will at least have one passion in common: you or your product. But there is so much more to talk about during a conference, which will lead to much more and deeper conversations. So out with the sometimes uncomfortable plenary settings and in with a way more casual and appealing seating, resulting into an enthousiastic and foremost engaged crowd.

    Increase your level of safety

    Cables: the worst nightmare of every involved behind the scenes of a conference. We try to avoid them, whether it’s
    by putting them in the air, in the ground or making sure they are nowhere to be seen. Safety is one of our top values, no wonder we have a dedicated safety expert and first-aid response team on board for all of our conferences.

    Increase your level of revenue

    Send your guests back home with a filled stomach, an enriched mind and great memories. If you succeed – and trust us, we won’t let anything get in the way of that – you will for sure see your sales go up in no time. After all, if you are proud to work for/with a brand, your enthousiasm will no doubt help the company grow.

    more sales

    Need help organising and managing
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